Game Head Inc. Creating a Community of Amateur Gamers in a Time of Crisis

In the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic—New Rochelle, NY—is a group of young entrepreneurs set to create a community of amateur gamers who play for fun while also gaining profit in the process. They are Game Head Inc.

The company’s objective is to connect nonprofessional video game enthusiasts from all around the world through a platform that provides free gaming for all. In the process, members of the club get the chance to earn serious revenue for sending video content to the company of them playing EA sports FIFA, Fortnight, NBA 2k, or Call of Duty.

The company looks to launch some big projects in the days to come. One of their new initiatives is an online competition that looks to give a total of $12,000 worth in prize money to select amateur players in the next six months. Their goal is to create a community of new gaming fans while also allowing others to generate income from the safety of their own homes. To the company, the gaming industry is a society waiting for influencers to rise. They hope to be one of those early risers and dominate the market.

The company hopes to create a reality TV show soon that would feature some of their tournaments for amateurs. Their goal is to become a version of game reality shows like American Idol and The Voice, but for eSports. Currently, Game Head is taking serious steps to make this happen.

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